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Working at Ed VENTURES?

Ed Ventures provides an equal opportunity to the associates and all potential applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, age, sex, color, marital status, religion, gender, national origin.

We promote a healthy and open work culture where people are treated with respect and provide rich and rewarding atmosphere opportunities commensurate with performance.


To be competitive in the present global market place infrastructure plays a vital role in delivering end-to-end business services across all IT infrastructure service domains and serves as a backbone for the company. For achieving the business goals and objectives it depends largely on the IT infrastructure the company has been building .

Ed Ventures operates and offers its offshore delivery services from Hyderabad in India. The center has security and access controls so that only Ed Ventures authorized personnel are provide access to the required facilities.

Ed Ventures offshore center offers facilities consisting of necessary office space and infrastructure (LAN, VOIP, VPN, Video Conferencing, e-mail, Fax lines and communication facilities like Internet etc).

Ed Ventures has made significant investments in infrastructure development to ensure adequate capacity to sustain growing business needs. We have offices in India and U.S. With total development office space aggregating to 9,537 sq. ft. and high bandwidth connectivity, Ed Ventures is geared to meet the instant delivery demands of the present day Internet business.

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"Timely responsiveness from initial consultation through supplying a detailed quote with exact features and benefits described, creation of several possible layouts, and finally IT management and optimization of the website."